Why use Acrylic for Covid-19 Hygiene Screens?

The Covid-19 health crisis and ever-evolving government health guidelines have caused Australia to think about hygiene more extensively than ever before. To allow businesses to get back to operation, new methods of protection have needed to be used, from more regular cleaning and sanitation to acrylic sneeze guards in businesses. Covid-19 hygiene screens are becoming more commonplace in business as a physical barrier to transmission. When used together with face masks and responsible social distancing, these protective measures can slow the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

Acrylic is the most common material used in Covid-19 hygiene screens due to its high impact resistance (up to 17 times higher than glass) while still being very transparent like glass and other alternatives. It is easily cleaned with regular disinfectants which are essential to maintain adequate hygiene. It is also very light-weight and easily cut with CNC machines or bent to fit a range of shapes and sizes. Acrylic is commonly referred to as ‘Perspex’ but this material is just a brand of acrylic sheeting, with the same properties as regular acrylic sneeze guards.

CovidScreens are specialists in the production of acrylic sneeze guards to protect against the transmission of Covid-19. Their Covid-19 hygiene screens can be quickly custom-made and fully installed. Enquire today for more information on how to protect your staff and customers.