Why Choose Us For your COVID Screen Installation?

COVID screens are one of Australia’s leading commercial partitioning suppliers. We offer next day delivery from a vast stock of partitioning solutions in the Sydney area with our expert technical and project teams that are all housed in the same facility. This means we can offer industry-leading service levels for both standard and bespoke solutions.

Perspex Sneeze Guard

We deal in all variety of Hygiene screens like – Plexiglass, acrylic, Perspex many others which are suitable for retail shops, hospitals, takeaway restaurants, medical centers, etc. We design COVID screens in favor of protection aspect for customers and staff, which help them protect from sneezing, cough, and bad mouth odor as well.

During this Period of Pandemic situations all around the world. Hygiene screens are giving additional protection from the spread of the Coronavirus. These screens are helpful in maintaining the decorum as per the hygiene guidelines of COVID-19 Pandemic by world health organization. But you can refer to the Australian Health Organization link to know more about hygiene details related to Covid-19.

Visits Us to place your COVID screen installation order for your business place, as we are there to provide the business and community the confidence of an additional safeguard system in the form of hygiene screens…