What are the Different Types of Covid-19 Protective Screens

The fact that COVID-19 spreads through the air via sneezes, coughs, or simply being too close to an infected person, calls for the need for protective screens which act as a physical barrier between the airborne virus and the general public. These Covid-19 hygiene screens are also helpful in separating uninfected people from those who may be COVID-19 carriers. There are various types of Covid-19 Protective Shields for use on commercial sites like offices.

1.    Desk Top Safety Screens

These screens are specially designed for every customer-facing area in order to protect employees and the general public against virus transmission. These screens come in a variety of sizes, allowing workplaces to find exactly the right screen for their business. These screens are ideal for:

●     Reception desks

●     Shop/trade counters

●     Any customer-facing environment

2.    Office Desk Screens

Office desk screens help to create a designated workspace on communal desks. Being a see-through solution, it not only protects staff from virus transmission but also ensures that colleagues can see each other and collaborate on projects. These screens are best for:

  • Office desks
  • School desks
  • Shared offices
  • Boardrooms/meeting rooms

3.    Social Distancing Screens

The social distancing screens are designed to provide protection from head to toe and don’t compromise on safety in commercial or social settings. These screens encourage customers to maintain safe social distancing between queues. These screens are best for:

  • Office canteens, receptions, and entrances
  • Shop queues 
  • Shared spaces
  • Effective queue management in any setting

4.    Hanging Screens

These screens are floating protective barriers to prevent airborne droplets from coughs and sneezes. These can be hung from the ceiling or fixed to the desk. These screens are best for:

  • Checkout counters
  • Receptions desks

COVID Screens specializes in providing its safety services in several industries. In case you are looking to install covid-19 protective shields then contact us today.