Using Acrylic Clear Glass in a COVID Safe Business

It’s been a long and challenging year for many New South Wales businesses, with COVID-19 restrictions forcing many to limit patronage or even close their doors completely. This has been tough for business owners but with restrictions easing in recent months, there is light at the end of the tunnel. For those opening up, it is essential to remain vigilant by installing COVID-19 protective shields and prevent the possible spread of viruses in your workplace. SafeWork Australia advises of a few ways to re-open safely.

Firstly, you should adhere to social distancing whenever possible and encourage your customers to do the same. This can be done by partitioning areas, placing limits in aisles, marking standing spots in lines among other ways. In places where social distancing is not possible acrylic clear glass can be used as a barrier between people. This is especially useful in the shopping business’s customer service areas and checkouts where objects being passed make distancing impossible, so COVID-19 protective shields are a must.

Secondly, business owners should follow strict cleaning regimes, especially on acrylic clear glass, to ensure any contaminants are removed. Hand and respiratory hygiene should also be encouraged with hand sanitizer and face masks. Finally, you should encourage the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves when contact is likely or needed. This can support COVID-19 protective shields in blocking the transmission of viruses.

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