The key features of the post-COVID-19 office you should consider

With millions of people now working from home or furloughed, they may be wondering when they will be asked to return to the office, perhaps imagining what their office will look like on their return and feeling a little anxious about going back to their work space. A TUC survey issued 27 April 2020 confirmed that 39 percent of workers returning to the office are concerned about safe distancing from their colleagues.

During the lockdown we have all had to learn and adjust to new practices to protect ourselves and others from the risk of the spread of Covid-19. We are now becoming accustomed to directional floor signage, increased hand sanitisation and keeping a safe distance from each other when out in public. These new practices will be implemented and continued in the workplace in correlation with Government guidelines, which also factor in the reduction or elimination of hotdesking, single-person elevator use with proper hygiene protection sheets, one-way systems, and staggering arrival and departure times to maintain social distancing.

The impact of Covid-19 has therefore challenged the conventions of the office building and will accelerate the implementation of different working styles.

In response to several questions and inquiries about returning to the workplace, we have put together a visual representation of a typical office layout compared to the New Covid-19 office. Visit our contact us page to fill your inquiry