The Hygiene Screen Installation Process

Despite the New Year, it has become clear that COVID-19 is not going away, and this continues the need for hygiene screens. The process of hygiene screen installation is performed by our team of expert installers, who will ensure the best fit to provide the most comprehensive protection. The screens are pre-cut by precise CNC machines which ensure that the design from site investigation is replicated accurately. Depending on the design, the hygiene screens may need to be bent for corners; this may be done in production or may be done on-site with specialized equipment.

During the hygiene screen installation, different parts of the screens will be bonded together to ensure a tight seal that does not allow droplet spray. This is typically done with an adhesive. Openings such as access windows for passing items are usually cut when manufacturing the hygiene screens and these will be positioned in hygiene screen installation. As droplets from the mouth or nose are one of the main transmission methods for COVID-19, it is important to ensure that these openings are positioned correctly and only where necessary. Hygiene screens will then need to be attached to the surface with either adhesive or by drilling holes for screws.

Covid Screens specialize in acrylic manufacturing and hygiene screen installation. We ensure that all of our screens meet the highest standards and provide the best protection possible for every workplace.