Steps to install Hygiene screens during the COVID-19 Crisis

Installing Hygiene screens for staff to customer transactions is a simple process that will result in your business staff staying safe during the covid-19 crisis and shows customers and other stakeholders that your business is showing initiative to ensure public safety during these difficult times.

Site investigation:

The first step necessary before installing Covid-19 hygiene screens is to have a site investigation conducted by the supplier. COVID Screens offer detailed site investigations where they will check the requirements for installation, and allow for any customization to meet the needs and requirements of the customer.


Upon installation of the hygiene screens, the installer will need to

1. Cut the screens

2. Bend and shape the screens to the customers requested shape and angle

3. Smooth out the surface of the screens

4. Bind every part together

5. Install lamination layering if requested

6. Drill and/or paste to the surface

7. Clean for complete transparency


It is important to follow the health guidelines set out by the government and continue to maintain the Hygiene screens so that your business is doing its part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. COVID Screens offer its maintenance services to all its customers.

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