Our Services for Covid-19 Hygiene Screens

To ensure our covid-19 hygiene screens are the perfect fit for your business, we specialize in a range of services to make sure that you received hygiene screens installed for your needs. We offer 4 services that will not only protect you but will be the right fit for your business.

1. Site investigation

Before we start producing your screens and come to install them, we carry out a detailed site investigation where you want the screens installed to make sure we know the area where they will be installed and what type of hygiene screens you will require.

2. Customization

To fit your needs, we also customize the hygiene screens you want for your business. We will customize the size of the screens before producing them to make sure they protect your employees from droplet spray. We also customize each screen according to the material the business wishes from our several options.

3. Installation

Once we know your requirements, we begin producing the hygiene screens by cutting, and shaping them as you need. We then add the finishing touches before installing it on-site and then finish our installation process by cleaning the screens with a cleaning agent.

4. Maintenance

Once installed and you become comfortable with the screens, we offer maintenance services to ensure it is clean and still protecting you.

At COVID Screens, we offer several industries our services for their safety. If you’re looking to install covid-19 hygiene screens contact us today for more information for your business.