Hygiene for Ride-Sharing Services

Hygiene screens in ride-sharing have become more common to minimize any risks to passengers or drivers from contracting the virus. Ridesharing is a service provided that lets a passenger book a one-way transportation at a short notice when they need one. They have recently become more popular with Uber becoming one of the top ridesharing companies.

Some of the control measures put in place to protect themselves are Face masks, hand sanitizers, and hygiene screens for their protection. While commuters are now returning to work, passengers are preferring to use rideshare services more than public transport, boosting the services which are now more in demand than before.

Other control measures some drivers have also begun to put in place is letting passengers carry their own luggage in and out of the car, and using external flow only for their air conditioners to prevent recirculating air between both the passenger and the driver if the windows can’t be put down for fresh air.