How COVID-19 has Changed Hygiene in Offices

A large number of countries are now getting out of lockdowns
and returning to their normal lives. While many businesses are back to working from the office, some businesses have permanently shifted to working from home instead. For businesses that are back in the office, there are many concerns with the changes and the wellbeing of their employees.

Employers are now letting their employees work under rules that allow social distancing and minimal contact between each employee. They’ve also implemented additional measures for the safety and well-being of the business such as the use of Covid-19 hygiene screens and rostering employees in the business on rotating days to keep a small number of employees in the building.

Even after the risk of covid-19 has decreased rapidly in Australia, the use of Covid-19 hygiene screens and sanitizing stations have increased instead to protect all employees.  Businesses have now placed sanitizing stations at all entry points of the building, and on each level where they may be high touchpoints. They’ve also implemented Covid-19 hygiene screens permanently between all employee desks to avoid close contact and keep a safe distance.

Employees have now shifted their practices and are also judging and making their own decisions about hygiene within their office. Some businesses are now beginning to offer disinfectant wipes and sprays for the office, and often employees will now bring their own disinfectant household products in with them for their personal desks. They are now choosing to clean their own desks every morning and evening before going home as a precaution instead of assuming a cleaner will do it often.