Covid-19 Protective Shields Essential to NSW Business

COVID-19 restrictions continue to hold in NSW, premises being heavily fined and facing shutdowns for flouting regulations. Weekly infections of the virus have begun to fall in NSW, only having 32 new cases in the last 7 days, 21 fewer than the week before. Despite this, businesses must still remain vigilant to protect their staff and customers and reduce the chance of a ‘second wave’ similar to other states and countries. One way to do this is by installing Covid-19 protective shields which are a physical barrier to virus transmission. When these acrylic clear glass panels are paired with responsible social distancing and strict cleaning regimes, businesses can continue operation as safely as possible.

Getting covid-19 protective shields installed for your business is simple. CovidScreens can inspect your site and custom design acrylic clear glass panels to perfectly fit your space. Once they have been designed they are laser cut by our fabrication experts. On-site installation is quick and easy with the screens being bent, polished, and bonded together where necessary. They are then drilled or glued to the surface depending on the requirements of the covid-19 protective shields.

Once installed, we will provide maintenance for your acrylic clear glass to ensure continuing protection for staff and customers. Our screens are simple to keep clean in day to day use, simply needing to be wiped with a cloth and disinfectant like other commonly trafficked surfaces. We can also manufacture and install new screens when needed. So to keep your staff and customers safe and remain compliant with government safety regulations, install Covid-19 protective shields from CovidScreens today!