Concerns over Social Distancing at work?

Covid-19 has allowed residents to implement social distancing throughout the country even after it has been controlled. Nowadays, on public transport, shopping centers, retail stores, supermarkets, and medical centers, individuals are now seen as social distancing compared to before covid-19 had hit the country.

However, with a number of businesses shifting their employees back to their offices after several months of working from home, they’re going to be concerned over how they can implement social distancing within the workspace where there is a higher employee-client interaction. Employers need to provide their employees with a safe working environment such as implementing hygiene screens at the reception counter and on individual work desks where employees cannot physically socially distance themselves.

These hygiene screens are efficient when they’re placed on each work desk as it allows employees to interact with each other while also allowing them to socially distance with their co-workers. By implementing these screens within the workspace it allows a business to protect itself and its employees from any exposure to droplets or infections.